Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dirt saver for soccer moms

Most family households seem to be on the "no shoes in the house" bandwagon. It saves a lot of cleaning and quarantines germs in the mudroom. Now, my kids are not into sports yet, but this product seemed like a very cool concept along the keeping-dirt-in-its-place lines. Cleatskins are slip-on cleat covers so when your kid is done playing (soccer, rugby, football, golf, whatever) they just slide these over their cleats and jump in the car. No grass, dirt and who knows what else in your car. The "unique rubber compound" appears to be similar to Crocs, but probably more malleable. They claim to also save your cleats from unnecessary wear and tear so they last longer. You can even throw them in the washing machine to sanitize them. They come in two styles and many colors so you can "express yourself." Oh so important for the tweens, I know! And, yes, in case you're wondering...they do come in adult sizes!

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