Saturday, August 1, 2009

Product Review: Flavrz Drink Mix

I read about Flavrz Drink Mix on Zoe b Organic Blog and had to try them. I used the coupon and bought two three-packs. I received one three-pack very quickly and notified them that I had, in fact, ordered and paid for two. They apologized and sent another one out immediately, along with a handy pouring spout "for my inconvenience." Thoughtful. (These are great to have and they sell them for $4.)

The Flavrz three-pack contains Cherry Berry, Tropical and Lemon Lime flavors. I think I like them in that order. They are all delicious and convenient and definitely let you mix just the amount of flavor you want. In our household, we dilute a lot. So it's nice not to pay for water. In fact, it computes to about half the cost of other organic juices I regularly buy, with less to recycle.

What's in it, you ask? Simple stuff: fruit juice, fruit extracts, fruit flavorings, sweetened with organic agave nectar -- so you get the yummy sweetness without all the calories and cane sugar of other organic beverages. When mixed according to "normal" strength, it's got less than half the calories of juice or soda. Plus, it's free of artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and chemicals. Major plus.

We have not tried them with adult beverages, but it seems to me they would be terrific in a martini or the like. They would also be great for sno-cones. Margaritas, too. Ummm...

Anyway, I had to order them online, but they are at retail in stores from Maine to the metro DC area. If you try it, let me know what you think. Cheers!

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