Saturday, March 6, 2010

Twitter recap for non-followers: January 2010

Cool org and they're teaching green tech skills:

Avoid the "pink slime" or why you should pack your kids' lunches: [@NYTimesOnline]

Just found new great nontoxic kids toys site:

Via @Healthy_Child: 10 tips to detoxify your diet. Not hard either.

ECOBIOBALL, ecological & biodegradable #golf ball containing fish food: #green

New favorite stylish #green #eco site:

Super cute product idea, great #green #kids gift or #favor for party/wedding:

Great article by @theeconomist -- Why it is important to put a price on nature:

#FairTrade, #Organic Cotton Kids Sneakers and more. Very cool store/concept. (via @zoebweekly)

By all accounts, crib mattress wraps prevent SIDS. Read more:

More melamine-tainted milk products found in China [washpost]:

Buying Fake "Organics"? OCA Spreadsheet Reveals EWG Hazard Ratings for "Organic Cheater Brand" Personal Care Products:

RT @jmichaeledwards Book Review by @thegoodhuman: "How To Be An Everyday Philanthropist"

Great article about 7 "foods" even farmers won't eat, with ironic Hunt's ad placement. #organic #healthy

LOVE this: Revolution Foods bringing 30,000 nutritional school lunches a Day to nation's cafeterias @planetgreen    

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