Sunday, March 7, 2010

Twitter recap for non-followers: February 2010

What's the big deal about #kids and chemical exposure? Great video from @healthy_child:

Holy cow, really? More Dangerous to Give Birth in California than in Kuwait or Bosnia:

40% of world's conventional chocolate is from Africa's Ivory Coast, where Int'l Labor Org and US State Dept report widespread child slavery.

More bad Vday news: Commercial flowers are most toxic & heavily sprayed agricultural crops. I use freshroses:

RT @enviroblog: Babies are born pre-polluted with 100’s of toxic chemicals. Help us fix our broken toxins law.   

I love this business success story about rethinking "advantage" and "disadvantage." #autism

My thoughts exactly! RT @thegoodhuman "Green" Olympics? I think not, if trucking in snow.

Good Guide recap of #green myths like "recycling doesn't save energy" and "plastics are microwave-safe":

FDA, seeing link to heart disease, urges consumers to cut exposure to BPA til further studies are complete:

RT @missrogue "We have the tools to reverse[ the devastation to oceans], we lack the political will" -- Knights #TED #TEDActive /via @onepinktee     

Not to get into politics, but it's an interesting POV. RT @vinmiller Great healthcare reform article

I follow my BPA warning yesterday with good news. Folates and soy appear to block BPA damage: [via @drgreene]

RT @derekmarkham The Environmental Cost of Making 10 Everyday Items: (via@ecosalon)

Outstanding investigative articles on #BPA: (via #EWG)

Book review of The Unhealthy Truth by @AlphaMom -- I'm late to the party, but can't wait to get a copy of it.

Why Fast Food is “Healthier” Than School Lunches (Public School Review):

Fantasmic article on school lunches from Sustainable Table:

More recent blog post about school lunches and USDA oversight (or lack thereof):        

RT @unhealthytruth NYT: Do Toxins Cause Autism?

WOW. Some seriously cool indoor playsets:  

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