Monday, April 12, 2010

Twitter Recap for non-followers: March 2010

Watched "Aftermath: World Without Oil" last night on @natgeochannel. Powerful & damn scary. Three more in the series. Hope people tune in.

If you get @organicconsumer Organic Bytes newsletter (, you get 15% off @edenfoods -- nice site, great products! Use code "OCA"

Interested in the intersection of #technology and #education? Follow @InnovativeEdu - Lisa has great ideas and a promising project.

@thesmartmama If someone wants disposables, I've found Nature Babycare to fit great, plus they're compostable. #ecowed

@3greenangels Absolutely! Tried 7th Gen (they leak), Earth's Best (they reek), gDiapers (not practical) & Nature's Babycare (fave). #ecowed

Best innovation I've seen in crib sleep system, but pricey... #nontoxic #green #eco #baby

Not a big Kraft proponent, but I love this well-designed initiative for Triscuit, tied to home farms:

See if there are big CO2 emitters near you: #energy #carbon

Companies like Clorox that offer reformulated greener products but keep selling their toxic versions are #disingenuous and not to be trusted

Cool! William & Mary is first "Do One Thing" university:

RT @odemagazine Winning the war on cancer?     

Yikes, Save the apples! RT @Grist:

RT @marionnestle Michelle Obama to Grocery Manufacturers: Let’s Move!: The First Lady spoke to the Grocery Manufacturers of America ... 

FTC warns that bamboo is not an eco-friendly choice: #eco #fraud

RT @greenandhealthy GAO report scolds EPA for not protecting children's health  

“Smart” coating for roofing materials knows when to reflect heat [Science News]

Princeton U confirms: High-fructose corn syrup causes obesity.



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