Tuesday, June 22, 2010

For Parents-to-Be: Part 1 (Must-Haves)

Sometimes, people ask me what they *really* need as a new parent. I usually email it to friends, but realized it makes sense as a blog post to share with a larger audience. Please comment with your faves that I've missed!
  • The book Baby Bargains. Buy the latest edition and read it. The authors compile feedback from parents — not advertisers — so you know what works, what matters and what to avoid.
  • Boppy pillow (you don't *need* a cover, but it's nice to wash that instead of the pillow itself)
  • Nature Babycare baby wipes (Tushies/Seventh Generation are also safe options) ((cheapest via Subscribe & Save on Amazon.com))
  • Chlorine-free, toxin-free diapers. Good disposable brands are Seventh Generation, Nature Babycare, Earth's Best and Tushies. Don't fall for the mainstream brands' pretend green lines. Another great option are gDiapers. They are cloth with flushable or washable inserts. Very green but pretty inconvenient unless you have a bathroom in your kids' room.
  • BuggyBagg Shopping Cart cover (a little more expensive, but super nice and fits over even the biggest carts - I love mine)
  • Basic Pack & Play (and a sheet for it)--pick one up off Craigslist or from a friend
  • Bouncy Seat (many good ones, in many designs, G liked the Fisher-Price Aquarium one)
  • Kid booster seat (we didn't use a high chair for very long)
  • Blankets of all sizes
  • Swaddling wraps (do not underestimate how swaddling tightly will soothe a baby!)
  • Infant car seat (be sure to check max height & weight. G outgrew his in 3 months which was too soon, so I got a Graco SafeSeat for T and that lasted more like 8 months.)
  • Baby bathtub (we love the Safety First blue plastic one with the green mesh hammock insert but this one is more eco-friendly!)
  • Kiddopotamus Tiny Diner dining out mat
  • Kiddopotamus great rubber bib (sounds nasty, but AWESOME to wipe and use again)
  • Good thick burp cloths, organic if possible (the ones I love were gifts, like Three Marthas)
  • Sturdy but lightweight stroller (we chose MacLaren for the taller handle, but lots are cheaper & good
  • Books (see Part 2...)

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  1. A must-have for breastfeeding moms: the Arm's Reach Co-sleeper. Makes those nights feedings so much easier! Also doubles as a play pen and can be transported.