Tuesday, August 16, 2011

PVC-Free School Supplies

Today, from GreenAmerica, comes this great article, I wanted to share:

CHEJ Releases Fourth Annual Guide to PVC-free School Supplies
US Capitol "Children are not 'little adults,'" says Mike Schade of the nonprofit Center For Health, Environment, and Justice (CHEJ). "Their developing brains and bodies, their metabolism and behaviors make them uniquely vulnerable to harm from toxic chemicals released by PVC." 

That's why CHEJ is releasing the latest version of their PVC-free back-to-school guide, to help parents avoid products – like plastic backpacks or lunchboxes, or three-ring binders coated in plastic – that might contain PVC. 

To download the newest guide, go here. You don't need to sign up to get the download. Use the little link at the bottom that says, "you can also just download the guide here."

It's quite comprehensive and explains how to look for PVC in labeling, why avoiding PVC matters and actions you can take if you want to help rid the world of this nasty toxin.

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