Monday, August 15, 2011

What's in that children's pain reliever?

So I was at CVS yesterday trying to get some ibuprophen to have on hand for the boys. I started reading labels and saw things like "sucralose," "polysorbate 80," "butylparaben," and "propylene glycol." Seriously? I asked the pharmacist if there were any other options. He came out and looked and concluded that, no, just the dye-free varieties.

I vowed to come home and write a blog post (and try to find something that is better). First I searched and found lots of other green bloggers having the same issues I had with ingredients. But I found no alternatives. Shocking, really. Then again, what I'm saying is that big pharma is not listening. And that is not surprising. Sigh.

Here are two of the best articles I found on the topic:
Surprise, there are parabens and other additives in my children's medications
The FDA Panders to Poisons

Sadly, I did not find any mainstream pain relievers that contained more natural ingredients. So, try to ride a fever out, I guess, or find a Chinese herbalist (TCM) or Homeopath (both should be credentialed and experienced, of course). If anyone knows a good resource or directory to find these providers, please share.

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