Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Last Call from Flavrz Founder

I have written before about Flavrz beverages. There was this review of the fruit concentrates and this review of the soda mixes. Both favorable. Not only are they are healthier than the average juice or soda, they are great as mixers, convenient and affordable. 

But it appears that I am in the minority of people who share actually buy the product. See the letter I got via email from founder Karen Barth. And, please, if you know any investors in this space, send them her way. 

Dear Flavrz Customers:

I am writing to you to let you know that Flavrz may be shutting down operations in the near future.

When I started Flavrz four years ago, I had a mission to create a beverage system that would be healthy for families, low in sugar, free of artificial ingredients, and good for the environment.   Personally, I was working hard to get my family to stop drinking sodas, sports drinks and other chemical and sugar-based beverages.   I knew that others were working on the same thing.  

I had a big idea: develop concentrates that consumers could add to water and make their own customized healthy drinks. I believed that if we delivered a truly high-quality product made from real fruits and botanticals, the market would quickly recognize the value without the need to spend a lot on advertising or marketing. It was my hope that this very superior way of making beverages would "take the market by storm"

We have, in fact, built a loyal following of customers who love our products.   Unfortunately, the size of our following is still small and our growth rate is far slower than we had hoped. We have discovered that it hard for people to change lifelong habits, especially when it comes to beverages. Personally, I have been surprised to see how many people eat a healthy organic meal and wash it down with a glass of Diet Coke.

The company is running out of capital and we are actively looking for a buyer or investor but unless someone comes forward soon, liquidation is a very real possibility within the coming weeks.

I encourage you to stock up, as we may soon be selling off our inventory..

We thank you for being our loyal customers and supporters.


Karen A. Barth
President and Founder

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  1. Thank you for your note and for saving Flavrz! I'll post this to my Facebook wall, where it will get a nice audience. Best of luck making a business of it. You have many loyal fans on your side!

    P.S. They are magic for "skinny" cocktail mixers — maybe another market for you! :)