Sunday, January 18, 2009

Eagles' green double entendre

With the Philadelphia Eagles just about to take the field for the Divisional Championship, I am proud to be a fan. But it's not just because of their success on the field. I'm very impressed with the green initiatives and commitment to educating fans about pro-environmental causes.

Here are a few of owner Christina Lurie's accomplishments that set the Eagles apart from other pro teams:

  • Replaced 30+ tons of plastic by using bio-based cups, plates, utensils ,etc.
  • Implemented energy-saving measures that cut Lincoln Financial Field's use by 33%
  • Recycling of 19% of all waste generated
  • Using renewable energy resources--100% run on wind energy, plus they have installed solar panels at NovaCare Complex to generate more power
  • Encouraging fans to "buy a tree" in Eagles Forest
  • Teaching people about achieving carbon neutrality

If an NFL team can do it and do it profitably, I must believe that more companies and organizations can follow suit. GO EAGLES!

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