Friday, January 16, 2009

I have an organic beef

My Costco used to sell delicious organic ground beef in three convenient, freezable one-pound vac-pacs. When I couldn't find it on my last trip, I inquired. Apparently it sold so well as a pilot item that they planned full distribution. Only problem--sufficient supply was not available for the whole chain, so only "top stores" were now getting it.

Go figure: When beef is raised to organic standards, it's not sustainable on a huge scale. Maybe Costco should have looked for local suppliers for each part of the country instead of trying to stretch one rancher nationwide. As someone who's cut back but not cut beef out, it's just another reminder that eating beef, even organic beef, is not helping the environment.

UPDATE (5/09): The organic beef 3lb package is back. Different supplier, but still certified organic. Thank you, Costco!

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