Friday, August 27, 2010

Best of Baby Bottles

My friend, Christina, is pregnant with twins and asked me about baby bottles. Gregory is now five and I had him off the bottle at 13 months. I can't honestly even remember the bottles I used, but I am pretty sure they were plastic and probably nowhere close to toxin-free. For #2, we used inexpensive glass bottles and could not get him off of them until almost 18 months. He just refused sippy cups. Still, a short three months later, I have to wrack my brain to remember the brands and trials I went through in terms of bottles, nipples, etc. Hopefully, this compilation will save more of you from the same laborious process (pun intended, hahaha).

Best of the glass bottles
  • Evenflo Classic Glass Nurser -- a real bargain at about $5 for three 8-oz bottles.
    MY VIEW: I used these as well as the 4-oz size and loved them. Only one ever broke and that was with force from about 4 feet above the slate floor. They can safely go in the dishwasher. The only complaint would be that the plastic ring cracked after I switched from low-flow nipples to faster ones. Also, skip the "Cozy" version with the silicone sleeve. They break and they are just a general pain; total waste of money.
  • BornFree Vented Glass Bottles -- more expensive at $45 for set of 5 bottles with extra nipples.
    MY VIEW: I have never used BornFree, but I know people who have and loved them. I'm sure they are great, but that's a high premium to pay...they are rated very highly online by parents.
  • Dr. Brown's Glass Bottles -- mid-tier at $13.50 for two 8-oz bottles
    MY VIEW: Again, I have not used Dr. Brown's but have friends who loved them. They are rated highly online as well, so I feel comfortable recommending them.
Not so great glass bottles
  • Wee Go Glass Bottles -- very expensive at $13 - $16 each.
    MY VIEW: These are great looking and a great concept but they did not hold up. They were also impossible to warm because this silicone sleeve does not come off. In general, if you go the glass route, just avoid the silicone type acoutrements. They are a pain and unnecessary to boot.
Best of the plastic bottles
  • ThinkBaby Polypropylene BPA-Free Bottles -- a palatable $11 for two 9 oz bottles.
    MY VIEW: I have never tried these, but they are worth having in your consideration set. This company focuses on nontoxic products and ergonomics. Plus, the cost is very reasonable.
  • Dr. Brown's Wide-Neck or Standard Polypropylene Bottle -- $17 for a 3-pack of 8-oz bottles.
    MY VIEW: I have never tried these either, but they are highly regarded among the green moms I follow and a few of my friends. They are BPA-free and have a special anti-air-bubble system.
SafeMama has the best cheat sheets ever and her baby bottle one is no exception. If you want the complete low-down, read it here!

The best thing to do is try a few different types and then, once you know you and your baby(ies) love it, buy a bunch more. A great place to buy baby bottles is The Safe Landing and they even sell assortments, which makes it easier to try different manufacturers.

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