Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Twitter Recap: April/May 2010

Gas & oil companies inject toxic petroleum distillates into 1000s of wells, threatening drinking water from PA to WY.

Want Congress to reform America's broken toxic chemical control policies? Sign EWG's petition:

From GOOD: Experiences, not products, provide happiness (it's science):

Eww. Triclosan, registered pesticide w/EPA, is in toothpaste & more; FDA allows use even though linked to harm/untested for adverse effects.

Earth City-based project makes pig manure hit the road — as asphalt.

One of my favorite companies. Not just toothbrushes & razors anymore:

Loving this reusable water bottle with built-in filter, plus it's a great-lookin' site:

From Mashable: 5 Charities for Donating Your Old Electronics -

Via @dkmommy: Tapped the Movie Inspires us to Dry Up the Bottled Water Industry

Routine pesticide exposure linked to #ADHD in kids. [via grist] Another reason to fight Monsanto's #toxic agenda!

I love the idea of executive compensation tied to making sustainability targets.

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