Sunday, August 1, 2010

From PAN: Ecuador bans hazardous pesticides

One of the newsletters I like to peruse is from Pesticide Action Network North America. They lead the crusade against persistent bioaccumulative chemicals and neurotoxins and other nasty pesticidical chemicals that harm humans, animals and the planet. I noticed this article, which immediately made me think: Cool, I will buy stuff from Ecuador now if I see it. Truth is, I haven't seen much produce from Ecuador at my grocery stores, but good to keep an eye out for safe imported foods.
Ecuador categorically bans hazardous pesticides
Announced as an act of support for its constitutional commitment to food sovereignty, the Ecuadorian Congress banned an entire category of highly toxic pesticides, slated to take effect September 30, 2010. Ecuador cancelled the registration of all pesticides assessed by the World Health Organization to be extremely or highly hazardous (classes 1a and 1b), including many familiar and controversial pesticides that continue to be used in the U.S. such as the organophosphates and carbamates. These pesticides have recently been linked to increased rates of ADHD in levels found in the average diet of an American child, and have long been concerns of farmworkers and children's health advocates. As of September 2010, Ecuador will prohibits the manufacture, formulation, import, commercialization and use of these pesticides. The decision impacts pesticides used in agriculture; agents used for human disease control are exempt. Dr. Monserrathe Bejarano, Executive Director of AGROCALIDAD, the federal Ecuadorian agency that oversees food and agriculture, signed the public statement and official record of decision.

Ecuador's constitution establishes food sovereignty (in U.S. terms, food democracy) as a strategic objective of their nation - legal language plainly states that it is the obligation of the government to guarantee people and communities ongoing self-sufficiency through access to nutritious and culturally appropriate foods. Impervious to industry claims that industrial agriculture is needed to "feed the world," Ecuador sees the elimination of highly hazardous pesticides as key to secure and safe access to healthy, good food for the nation.

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  1. It's wonderful to see a blogger who is so tuned into what's going on all over the world in the areas of sustainability and environmental awareness. Thanks for the great (and, as always) informative post.
    -Deb for Ecover