Sunday, May 17, 2009

Before you give that baby Tylenol, consider this

Last visit to the pediatrician, he mentioned that I should not use Tylenol unless absolutely necessary, as new research linked frequent use to increased incidence of asthma. The study was actually done back in September 2008, but I had not heard about it.

Before you dismiss this as just one more study, it should be noted that the "group collected data on 205,487 children from 31 countries." Dr. Norman H. Edelman, vice president for health sciences and professor of medicine at SUNY Stony Brook University in New York and spokesman for the American Lung Association, added, "The study is consistent with quite a few others which show that use of acetaminophen [sic] associated with an increased [sic] in the risk for asthma."

With our first kid, we were instructed/permitted to use Tylenol when he was cranky from teething or feverish for any reason. He has had asthmatic issues. Maybe a coincidence, but with number two, we won't be taking any chances. It's really no surprise to me that it's better to let the body's natural reaction -- fever -- do its thing, however miserable it seems for baby, unless it spirals out of control. Score another one for nature over meds.

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