Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Green America's tips for saving money

Since we can always use some good-sense nudges to stay on track, I've summarized Green America's article, "13 ways to go green and save green" here for you:
  1. Grow your food — a little work in the dirt really pays yummy dividends
  2. Use your car less — combine trips or ride a bike
  3. Freecycle — give away what you don't want, get what you need: freecycle.org
  4. Unplug electronics/appliances when not in use — saves electricity
  5. Go solar — while the initial investment is expensive, savings should only increase over time
  6. Compost — this is really easy and you'd be amazed at how much less trash you have
  7. Dispense with disposables — choose hand towels and cloth napkins over their paper counterparts
  8. Think about what you buy — what do you really need? you can be happy with less stuff
  9. Think about who you buy from — support local businesses and farmers; your community will reap the benefits
  10. Eat less meat and more beans — meat is yummy but it's not all that healthy for you or the planet

    And if I can add a few of my own...

  11. Make your own cards or send eCards — find scrap paper and get creative for local loved ones, otherwise use an online greeting
  12. Take the stairs — burn your own calories instead of elevating your electricity use
  13. Buy in bulk — refilling containers saves money and packaging (note to Costco, your vendors need to rethink their offerings to reduce packaging!)
  14. Cook extras — turn on the stove or crockpot once, make extra meals and freeze the leftovers (this also saves you time and your sanity)

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