Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Don't get burned by lousy sunscreen

I did a post a little while ago about eco-friendly, kid-friendly sunscreen, but it was hidden in a post about Vitamin D. (Getting your R"D"A of Sunshine)

Today, I saw another article about avoiding nanoparticles in sunscreen, and this one actually said why they might be of concern. So I wanted to share. Click through to read, or just try to buy one of these readily available brands, who all refuse to use nanoparticles:

Alba Botanica
Avalon Organics
Black Opal
Soleo Organics

I always recommend cross-checking your selection with the Cosmetics Database from Environmental Working Group.

Also, remember, the average t-shirt is only an SPF of 7, so covering up little ones (and yourself) with SPF-enhanced apparel — in addition to sunscreen — is recommended.

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