Friday, May 15, 2009

Coke's new bio-bottle: sweet irony

A headline yesterday read: New Coke Bottle Made Partly of Molasses and Sugar Cane, which totally made me laugh. Considering Coke is sweetened with High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) and not something natural like sugar cane, the irony was too much.

However, as you read further into the article, it seems that Coca-Cola, the company, is creating this bottle to use on their "natural" brands, including
Vitamin Water (admittedly one of my eco-vices) and Dasani (filtered water people pay top dollar for, in a plastic bottle, no less).

People, the solution here is not to green the bottles; it's to lose the practice of bottled beverages altogether. Argh. This seems so obvious to me. There is a
mass of plastic bottles in the Pacific the size of Texas—you've seen this, right?

If you are having a hard time replacing the habit of plastic bottles with reusable ones, here are my top picks for reasonably priced, good-looking, functional alternatives on the go:

SIGG now 20% off on this site with code "ECO20"
Kleen Kanteen this is one of my favorite sites, too, for eco-fun things
Nalgene for those who don't like metal (I happen to prefer stainless)

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